Anchor Designer™ Software for ACI 318, ETAG and CSA

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Product Highlights

  • Anchor Designer™ software

  • Design Result screen

  • Multiple Anchor Design

  • Base Plate Thickness Calculator

    New functionality to calculate required base plate thickness

  • Base plate stress distribution diagram


  • Fully interactive 3D graphic user interface.
  • Easy-to-use menus.
  • Includes prequalified Simpson Strong-Tie post-installed Imperial and Metric sized mechanical and adhesive anchor solutions for cracked and uncracked concrete.
  • Includes cast-in-place anchor solutions for cracked and uncracked concrete.
  • Single and multiple anchor layouts. Multiple anchor layouts allow for up to 16 anchor bolts in a single base plate.
  • Rectangular and circular base plate geometries with the option to include slotted holes.
  • Ability to combine loads using "Load Wizard" feature.
  • Ability to calculate single anchor model or to calculate multiple anchor models at once.
  • Axial and moment forces can be applied simultaneously in all x-, y-, and z-directions.
  • Calculation summary tab provides for fast and easy verification of calculations. Detailed calculation output is provided in PDF format for saving and printing.
  • Multi-lingual options include English, German, French and Danish languages.
  • LiveUpdate feature allows notification and download of the latest version of the software as updates become available.
  • Compatible with saved calculations from Anchor Selector for ACI 318 and Anchor Selector for ETAG.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 with .NET Version 3.5
System Requirements for .NET Version 3.5:

RAM Memory: Min. 512 MB

Display resolution: 1024 x 768 pixel or better, 96 DPI

Graphics card: True color (24/32 Bit)


The 3D rendering in the 3D-Model tab is too dark.

Please unselect 'Hardware acceleration' from the Options menu, then exit and re-open the program.

How do I select different embedment depths for adhesive and cast-in-place anchors?

Please click the embedment depth under 'hef' column in the Products section. It will open a drop down menu for the selected anchor presenting various embedment depths options.

How do I select a different unit of measure?

For ACI 318 methodology, the default unit of measure is Imperial. For ETAG Annex C/TR029 and CSA A23.3 methodologies, the default is Metric. The default settings can be changed from the Project settings section of the Inputs tab.


Have questions? Please contact us at anchor-designer@strongtie.com

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