SCREWS Self-Drilling Fasteners

To achieve the loads shown for other cold-formed steel connectors on this website, the Designer must verify that the self-tapping screws used have load capacity equal to or greater than those shown in the table below.

Hex head screw sizes shown are required for cold-formed steel connectors. Where sheathing or finishes will be applied over the screws and low profile heads are needed, such as with bracing connectors, hurricane ties, and stud-plate ties, the Designer is to ensure that the minimum screw head diameter complies with ASME B18.6.4.

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8g x 19mm 10g x 19mm 14g x 25mm

Load Table


  1. The tabulated loads may be divided by a Resistance factor (Φ) of 0.50 to determine the screw nominal strength.
  2. Self-tapping screw fasteners for steel-to-steel connections used for connectors in this catalog shall be in compliance with ASTM C1513.
  3. Values are based on cold-formed steel (CFS) members with a minimum yield strength of Fy=230 MPa and tensile strength of Fu=310 MPa for 1.09mm and thinner and a minimum yield strength of Fy=345 MPa and Fu=450 MPa ksi for 1.37mm and thicker. Steel thickness of 0.75, 0.95, 1.15, 1.55, and 1.95 millimeters with minimum yield strength, Fy, and tensile strength, Fu, of 550 MPa are also supported with these catalog loads.
  4. Design thickness shall be the minimum base metal thickness divided by 0.95.
  5. Minimum required screw length is the greater of 19mm and the minimum length required for the screw to extend through the steel connection a minimum of (3) exposed threads per AISI S200-07 Sect. D1.3.
  6. Screw diameters per AISI S200-07 Table D1-1.
  7. 6.35mm diameter self-tapping screws may be substituted for 14g screws.
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