S/LBV / S/B and S/BA Hangers

S/BA is the new Simpson Strong-Tie® top-flange hanger for cold-formed steel. The S/BA is a cost-effective alternative to heavier, special-order hangers. It is value engineered and tested to achieve higher allowable loads and increased performance. It may be fastened with screws or powder-actuated fasteners or welded to the header, providing more design options and greater versatility.

S/LBV and S/B hangers are manufactured with precision forming and quality control, providing dimensional accuracy and helping to ensure proper bearing area and connection.





Skew only:

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S/LBV S/BA S/B Top View S/B Hanger
Skewed Right
S/LBV, S/B, and S/BA are acceptable for weld-on applications (S/LBV shown)

S/LBV Installation with a CFS steel header


Load Table


  1. Designer shall ensure that the joist member adequately transfers load to hanger.
  2. Cold-formed steel / steel-beam header must be braced to prevent buckling per Designer specification.
  3. Powder-actuated fasteners may be installed in up to 10mm steel headers having a minimum Fy=248MPa.
  4. Load is based on using the Simpson Strong-Tie® PDPAT-62KP powder-actuated fastener and a minimum Red (level 5) powder load.
  5. Tabulated loads are based on testing with full bearing of 64mm flange-depth minimum thickness of 1.55mm joists for S/LBV and S/BA hangers and 1.95mm joists for S/B hangers.



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