S/HDU Holdowns

The S/HDU holdown combines performance with ease of installation. The pre-deflected geometry virtually eliminates material stretch, resulting in low deflection under load. Installation using self-drilling tapping screws into the studs reduces installation time and saves labor cost.




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S/HDU Typical S/HDU

Load Table


  1. Designer shall specify the foundation anchor material type, length, embedment and configuration.
  2. Stud design by Specifier. Tabulated loads are based on a minimum stud thickness for fastener connection.
  3. Self-drilling tapping screws of 6.35 mm diameter can be substituted for 14g.
  4. Deflection at LRFD Loads includes fastener slip, holdown elongation and anchor bolt elongation (L=102mm).
  5. Nominal Tension Load is based on the average ultimate (peak) load from tests. AISI Lateral Design standard requires holdowns to have nominal strength to resist the lesser of the amplified seismic load or the maximum force the system can deliver.
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