S/DTT2Z, HTT Tension Ties

The S/DTT2Z is a cost effective tension tie (holdown) that is commonly used for wood or steel sheathed cold-formed steel stud shear walls. It is intended for shear walls that have low overturning moment demand.

The HTT is a single-piece formed tension tie—no rivets, and a 4-ply formed seat. No washers are required.

The S/DTT2Z and HTT Tension Ties are ideal for retrofit or new construction projects. They provide high-strength, post-pour, concrete-to-steel connections.




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Typical HTT5 Installation as a Holdown HTT5
(HTT4 similar)
U.S. Patent 5,467,570
S/DTT2Z S/DTT2Z Installed

Load Table


  1. The Designer shall specify the anchor embedment and configuration.
  2. Stud design by Specifier. Tabulated loads are based on a minimum stud thickness for fastener connection.
  3. Deflection at LRFD Loads is the deflection of the holdown measured between the anchor bolt and strap portion of the holdown when loaded to the LRFD load. This movement is strictly due to the holdown deformation under a static load test attached to members listed in the table.
  4. Nominal Tension Load is based on the average ultimate (peak) load from tests. AISI Lateral Design standard requires holdown to have nominal strength to resist lesser of amplified seismic load or the maximum force the system can deliver.
  5. THD12 anchor may be used with S/DTT's pre-packaged washer at 100% table load; without washer the adjustment factor is 0.75.
  6. THD12 anchor may be used with HTT's.
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