HUC Hangers




Note: The Designer is responsible for design of beam member.

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Flare-Bevel Groove Weld (See Detail)

Lap-Joint Fillet Weld

Installation for CFS Built-Up Beam Installation for CFS Built-Up Beam
Flare-Bevel Groove Weld Detail



Load Table


  1. Loads assume a 0.48 kN/mm² minimum tensile filler metal.
  2. Welds must conform to the current A.W.S. D1.3 structural welding code for sheet steel and must be performed by certified welder.
  3. Designer shall insure that the joist member adequately transfers load to hanger.
  4. Hanger to joist connection shall be made using screws on the side of the hanger where it meets the web of the joist.
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