CS Coiled Straps

CS are continuous utility straps which can be cut to length on the job site. Packaged in lightweight (about 18kg) cartons.



Note: Gauge stamped on part for easy identification

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CS16 Hole Pattern
(all other CS straps similar)

Typical CS Installation as a Floor-to-Floor Tie

Load Table


  1. Use half of the fasteners in each member being connected to achieve the listed loads.
  2. Loads are based on attachment to a minimum 0.75mm steel thickness.
  3. For CS straps: End Length (mm) = 12.7 x Total Fasteners + 25.4mm
  4. Total Cut Length = End Length + Clear Span + End Length.
  5. Allowable Load =    No. of Nails Used  
    No. of Nails in Table
     x Table Load


    Allowable Load = 40 Nails (Used) 
    50 Nails (Table)
     x 4585 lbs = 3668 lbs
  6. Calculate the connector value for a reduced number of nails as follows:

    Example: CMSTC16 in DF/SP with 40 nails total.
    (Half of the nails in each member being connected)

  7. Loads are based on lesser of steel strap capacity and AISI S100 - 2007 fastener calculation.
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