Ready, Set, Load… New colour changing anchoring adhesive from Simpson Strong-Tie® 22 May 2017

AT-HP® Blue is a new anchoring adhesive for concrete and masonry with threaded rod and rebar from Simpson Strong-Tie This fast cure methacrylate anchoring adhesive changes colour from blue to grey when it has cured, helping to take the guesswork out of cure time onsite. The colour change process gives a visual representation that the chemical anchor has cured so there is no longer the need to wait any more than you need to before you load the anchor.

Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces its Metric-Sized Mechanical Anchors in Australia and New Zealand 14 May 2012

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie announces its new range of mechanical anchors in metric sizing for the Australia and New Zealand markets. With more than 15 years of experience in developing anchor products for concrete and masonry in the U.S., the company has expanded its production capability to provide a metric offering.

Simpson Strong-Tie offers a wide assortment of mechanical anchors for light, medium and heavy-duty applications in base materials, such as concrete, masonry and drywall. For seismic projects and applications where there is concern about the risk of concrete cracking, specific anchors have been designed and tested to offer increased reliability. Several products in the anchor range meet the International Code Council (ICC) and European Technical Approvals (ETA) standards.

"Our mechanical anchors also meet the requirements for Australia, and we're ready to bring them to market," said Herb Kuhn, Managing Director for Simpson Strong-Tie Australia. "We provide technical support for product applications as well as have field engineers on the ground to ensure our customers get the support they need in the field."

In addition, the company has a strong distribution network, ensuring product is readily available to customers throughout both countries. Along with the new metric mechanical anchors, Simpson Strong-Tie has a full range of chemical anchors, concrete-fixing solutions and powder-actuated tools as well as its Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving systems and fasteners for flooring, plasterboard, cladding and decking. For more information, visit www.strongtie.com.au

Simpson Strong-Tie Opens New Zealand Office 10 Jan 2012

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