Product Line Description Form Name Type
Post & Column Caps BC Post Caps F-C-BCAUNZ18 Flier
AT-HP Blue Fast Cure Colour Change Anchoring Adhesive F-A-ATPHBLUE18 Flier
Timber Construction NZS 3604 Characteristic Capacities F-C-NZS3604-18 Flier
PAT Powder Actuated Fastening Systems F-A-PATAUNZ18 Flier
Fasteners & Fastening Systems Anchoring and Fastening Systems C-AF-AUNZ18 Catalogue
LUS Double Shear Nailing, Double the Benefits F-C-LUSAUNZ18 Flier
HeliTie Fix Facades Fast F-A-HELI17 Flier
DTT2 DTT2 Tension Tie Characteristic Capacities T-C-CHARLOAD Flier
CPT Keep it Hidden Concealed Post Bases F-C-CPT-AUNZ18 Flier
CCN64 Nails for Connectors – Best Choice for Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors F-C-FASCON18 Flier
CCN64 Operating Manual CCN64 Collated Connector Nailer T-C-CCN64AU18 Operator's Manual
CCN64 CCN64 Collated Connector Nailer F-C-CCN64AU18 Flier
Fasteners & Fastening Systems Fastening Timber Decks To Timber And Steel Framing T-F-FASTENSEL-NZ17 Technical Bulletin
Deck-Drive™ Experience The Difference Deck-Drive™ Premium Fasteners S-F-SERIESDDAU Flier
Adhesives (Concrete Fastening Systems) Anchor Tension Loads in Masonry Chair Block T-SAS-CHRBLK08 Technical Bulletin
Adhesives (Concrete Fastening Systems) Crack Repair Epoxy Systems for Concrete F-SAS-INJAUS11 Flier
Adhesives (Concrete Fastening Systems) Ready, Set, Load. AT-HP® Blue F-A-ATHPBLUE17 Flier
Cold-Formed Steel Cold-Formed Steel Construction Connectors C-CFS12-APAC Catalogue
Corrosion Barrier Membranes & Preservative-Treated Wood T-PTBARRIER08-R Technical Bulletin
Corrosion Preservative Treated Wood T-PTWOOD08-R Technical Bulletin
Mechanical Anchors (Concrete Fastening Systems) Speed, Performance, Versatility: Blue Banger Hanger® Cast-in-place, Internally-Threaded Rod Hanger F-A-BBHAU14 Flier
Mechanical Anchors (Concrete Fastening Systems) Heli-Tie™ Helical Wall Tie: Fix Facades Fast! F-A-HELI14NZ Flier
Powder-Actuated Tools PT-27 Operator's manual T-SAS-PT272512 Operator's Manual
Quik Drive / Fasteners Deck-Drive™ DCSD COMPOSITE Screw for all types of composite decking to steel F-F-DCSD14AU Flier
Quik Drive / Fasteners DHPD Hardwood Deck Screw F-QDAUDHPDA09 Flier
Quik Drive / Fasteners SSBFHSD 316 Stainless Steel Bi-Metal Screw F-SSBFHSD13AU Flier
Quik Drive Quik Drive® Auto-Feed System for Flooring, Decking and Wall Plates F-QDAUPRO250G2B25KA11 Flier
Quik Drive Quik Drive® PRO200G2 Auto-Feed System for Plasterboard F-QDAUPR200G211 Flier
Quik Drive / Fasteners Adaptor Fitting Instructions T-QDADAPTORAU15 Flier
Quik Drive / Fasteners Quik Drive Pro Systems Operating Instructions T-QDPROINSAU15 Operator's Manual
Quik Drive Quik Drive® PROHSD Auto-Feed System for Heavy-Duty Fastening F-QDAUPROHSD09 Flier
Timber Construction Timber Construction Connectors Catalogue 2016-2018 Revision 1 C-C-AU16 Catalogue
Fasteners & Fastening Systems Strong-Drive® SDWH Timber Hex SS Screw F-F-SDHDWS14NZ Flier
Fasteners & Fastening Systems Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber Screw F-SDWS14NZ Flier
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