Product Guide 2012-2013: Anchoring & Fastening Systems for Concrete & Masonry

The Anchoring and Fastening Systems for Concrete and Masonry product guide provides a quick reference for our comprehensive lines of adhesive and mechanical anchors as well as powder-actuated tools and accessories. The smaller-sized guide fits easily in a back pocket, on a truck dashboard or wherever you need to access product information and not necessarily technical data.
S-SAS-PGAU12 expires 12/31/2014

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  1   Cover
  2   Quick Facts About Simpson Strong-Tie®; Quality Policy
  3   Table of Contents
  4   Anchor Selection Guide
  5-9   Important Information and General Notes
Terms & Conditions, Limited Warranty, Warning, Technical Support,
Corrosion Information, General Notes, General Instructions for the Installer, General Instructions for the Designer
  10   Epoxy Adhesive Anchors: Introduction
  11   Adhesive Anchoring Installation Instructions
  12   SET-XP® High-Strength Anchoring Adhesive for Cracked and Uncracked Concrete
  13   ET‑HP™ Anchoring Adhesive
  14   Estimating Guides fofor SET-XP® and ET‑HP™ Adhesives
  15   Acrylic Anchoring Adhesive: Introduction
  16   AT-HP™ Anchoring Adhesive
  17   Estimating Guides for AT-HP™ Adhesive
  18   Adhesive Accessories: Adhesive Dispensing Tools
  19   Adhesive Accessories: Hole Cleaning Brushes, RFB Threaded Stud
  20   Adhesive Accessories: Blow-Out Pump For Hole Cleaning, Mixing Nozzles and Retaining Nuts
  21   Adhesive Accessories: Opti-Mesh® Adhesive-Anchoring Screen Tubes
  22   Adhesive Accessories: Steel Adhesive-Anchoring Screen Tubes
  23   Adhesive Troubleshooting Guide
  24   Crack-Repair Adhesive Systems: Introduction
  25   ETI Injection Epoxy
  26   Crack-Pac® Injection Epoxy
  27   Crack-Pac® Flex-H2O™ Polyurethane Crack Sealer
  28   Crack-Pac® and Crack-Pac® Flex-H2O™ Injection Epoxy: Cartridge Preparation and Mixing Instructions
  29   Crack Repair Accessories:
EMN022 – Opti-Mix® Mixing Nozzle, E-Z-Click™ Injection System, ETR Epoxy Paste-Over,
CIP Paste-Over
  30-31   Epoxy or ETI Crack Repair Method Statement
  32-34   Crack-Pac® Flex-H2O™ Injection Guide
  35   Mechanical Anchors: Introduction
  36-38   Ultraplus Undercut Anchor Systems
  39-40   Superplus Undercut Anchor Systems
  41-43   Safety Bolt Expansion Anchor Systems
  44-45   Liebig Anchor Expansion Anchor Systems
  46-47   Titen HD® Heavy Duty Screw Anchor for Concrete and Masonry
  48-49   Throughbolt WA Wedge Anchor
  50-51   Drop-In Anchor Internally Threaded Expansion Shell Anchor
  52-53   Blue Banger Hanger® Cast-In-Place, Internally Threaded Inserts
  54   Titen® Concrete and Masonry Screws
  55   Crimp Multi-Purpose Anchors
  56   Nailon™ Pin Drive Anchors
  57   HWA Hollow Wall Anchors, PSATG Plastic Screw Anchors
  58   Sure Wall Drywall Anchors
  59   SWTB Spring Wing Toggle Bolts
  60   Powder-Actuated Fastening Systems: Introduction
  61   Important Information: Powder-Actuated Fastening Safety Principles, Extension Poles for Powder-Actuated Tools
  62   PTP-27L & PTP-27LMAGR Premium Tools
  63   PT-27 General-Purpose Tool
  64   Powder Loads and Fasteners For Simpson Strong‑Tie® Powder-Actuated Tools
  65   Powder-Actuated Tool Repair and Maintenance Kits
  66-75   Project Referrals
  76   Anchor Selection Software
  77-79   Notes (Blank)
  80   Back Cover: No-Equal Pledge of Performance, Locations
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